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    Statement of impartiality and integrity


    Stande Testing Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech service enterprise focusing on the fields of biomedicine and life sciences and deeply cultivating the professional fields such as ecological environment, comprehensive trade and innovative services.We are committed to providing professional services to our clients independently and impartially. To ensure the impartiality and independence of the testing and inspection work, we make the following statement for these services we provide:

    1. 遵守國家相關法律法規的規定,遵循客觀獨立、公平公正、誠實信用原則,恪守職業道德,承擔社會責任。

    Strictly abide by the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations; follow the principles of objective independence, fairness and justice, honesty and credibility; observe professional ethics; undertake social responsibilities.

    2. 遵守為我們提供認可服務的機構等相關方關于公正性和獨立性的要求,不以廣告或者其他形式向社會推薦產品,不開展產品監制、監銷等違法行為。

    Strictly abide by the requirements of impartiality and independence from the parties  which provide accreditation services for us. Don't recommend the product to the society by advertisement or other means. Don't carry out product supervision,marketing and other illegal activities.

    3. 嚴格遵守GB/T 31880《檢驗檢測機構誠信基本要求》,行為公正,且不受來自商業、財務或其他方面的影響公正性的壓力;集團總部不利用任何行政或經濟壓力干擾子公司工作的獨立性、公正性、誠實性,所產生的法律責任由相應的子公司承擔。

    Strictly abide by GB/T 31880 Essential requirements of integrity for inspection body and laboratory, and behavior fairly, not influenced by pressures from commercial, financial or other aspects. The group headquarter doesn't use any administrative or financial pressure to interfere with the independence, impartiality, and integrity of  the subsidiary. The legal liability arising therefrom shall be borne by the subsidiary.

    4. 不從事和參與任何有損公正性、獨立性和誠信度的活動;不從事與檢驗檢測活動以及出具的數據和結果存在利益關系的任何活動;不參與和檢驗檢測或者類似的競爭性項目有關系的產品設計、研制、生產、供應、安裝、使用或者維護活動。我們按客戶需求提供完全獨立的服務,對所有客戶都能做到公平、公正,保證提供同等質量的優質服務。

    Refrain from engaging in and participating in any activities that undermine impartiality, independence and integrity. Don't engage in any activity that has an interest in inspection and testing activities, as well as to the data and results produced. Not involved in product design, development, production, supply, installation, use or maintenance activities related to testing, inspection or similar competitive projects. We provide completely independent services according to the needs of our customers. We are fair and just to all customers, and guarantee to provide excellent services with the same quality.

    5. 嚴格遵守與客戶簽訂的合同或協議,對客戶的技術、資料、數據及其他未公開信息嚴格保密(國家法律另有規定的除外),不利用客戶的技術和資料從事技術開發、技術服務等商業活動,嚴格按照法律法規以及與客戶約定的時限保存和傳輸檢驗檢測相關檔案材料。對在檢驗檢測活動中所知悉的國家秘密、商業秘密和技術秘密履行保密義務。

    Strictly abide by the agreement with customers; Strictly keep secrets of customer's technology, information, data and other undisclosed information (except as otherwise stipulated by national law); Do not use customer's technology and information for business activities such as technology development, technical services, etc. Save and transfer inspection and test related files Strictly in accordance with the laws, regulations and the time limit agreed with the customer. The state secrets, business secrets and technical secrets that are known in the testing and inspection activities will be kept in the strictest confidence.

    6. 禁止偽造檢驗檢測數據、出具虛假報告,確保檢驗檢測數據和結果的真實、客觀、準確。對出具的檢驗檢測數據和結果負責,并承擔相應法律責任。

    Forgery of inspection data and issuance of false reports shall be prohibited. Ensure that test data and results are true, objective and accurate. Be responsible for the inspection data and results issued and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

    7. 本公司對聲明的真實性負責,并愿意接受社會各界和政府管理部門的監督。

    We shall be responsible for the authenticity of the declaration, and we are willing to accept the supervision of all sectors of society and government management departments.


    Hereby Declaration and Commitment.